Why Lily?

The simple answer is because I read a piece of advice for would be authors seeking publication.  Having a writing blog to showcase your voice as an aspiring creative writer of fiction they said, was a good idea, it was something to include on the heading of your submissions. It made sense. If, even remotely interested in considering your request for representation, they may just take the trouble to have a look at a broader spectrum of your work, your style. Had you any talent? Was there more than one book in you?

Writing posts on my aspirations, reflections and inspirations, especially on writers, art and artists and including a few short stories of my own may, one day, wonder of wonders serve to tip the scales in my favor.

However, it quickly became an outlet for my frustrations of writing for no audience, at least I could publish, click that button, it was instant, no go between. Even if no one was interested in reading what I wrote. I would write anyway and so this was better than all the lost notebooks discarded in my travels. Completed stories written in longhand pre lap-top days. Of the children s trilogy that was all but concluded only the first mss remains in hard copy. The two others lost long ago somewhere in India. I still have these and other abandoned plots in my head, somewhere in one of those closed drawers stuffed with ideas, but Oh! the work involved, the lost hours irrevocably spent and the hours I no longer have to riffle through and start again.

I still have a fair stack of completed stories however, and enjoy immensely the process of creating new ones. Every time I re read and note small errors, corrections and improvements I could have made to the text, I realize that slowly I am making progress, I am learning. Even though I have temporarily laid aside the arduous and vital quest for an agent or publisher, as with my paintings , I simply embark on the next one in the hope that this one may actually be good.

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