A Learning Curve

Here they are! Arriving simultaneously in my head, two short story plot lines complete with titles.  The catalyst, my deciding to walk to the lighthouse, something I had thought about doing since moving to live in Port Lympia the first, a name I read somewhere in a news article, the subject of which I no longer recall, the second. The two plot ideas are quite different, both one to another as well as aspiring to branch out from the basic romances  that constitute the bulk of  my previous work.

I hope this is all part of a learning curve.

No one, it has been pointed out, ever had a huge success with their ‘first’ book. It may seem to be a first when the acclaimed best seller by a previously unknown writer is suddenly hailed at the latest must read. However, as was pointed out in a post on the word press blog Novelty Revisions, this person has probably written ten unpublished novels before this one was taken up resulting in the author being catapulted into  sudden renown.

This is just one small example of insights and advice about writing by writers who clearly understand what you are trying to do. Their perception of the doubts, as well as pitfalls which assail, as it turns out, all writers, born from personal experience as well as technical prowess, can send us soaring onto that new curve.

Before we realize it we are looking down on the place where we were discouraged. It is like seeing the sunlight filtering through the spread wings of a seagull, suddenly we are soaring with him, seeing ourselves clearly again. Who we are, who we aspire to be. This is innocent, devoid of guile or conceit. It is simply striving to leave something of beauty in this world.20190128_093239.jpg



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