Beautiful is Back

Checked out google and found my old domain name is still up on Facebook. Beautiful Made on the French Riviera .

It was with fascinated pleasure and some what unexpected delight that I rediscover my own work, ideas and inspirations of what is now, an incredible six or seven years ago.

I briefly wondered if Beautiful should make a come back before having a clear picture in my minds eye of my hand holding the bags of pink and black woven labels, poised above the ‘chuck out’ bag, hesitating,then deciding ruthlessly I would never use them again, as they disappeared into the depths along with countless photographs and irreplaceable memorabilia from my time since goodness knows when. I was off, or so I thought, to the remote Islands of the Pacific never to return.

It wasn’t long before I was sketching out ideas for another label for my Island studio designs. Plans to open in the Blue House direct to the public. It should have been perfect, complete with Cheechy-Peach the resident cat, soft and gentle longing for company, we sat at night lit by my computer screen in the island darkness, eerily still, remote, cut off it seemed to me from all the world.

I painted dresses, and T Shirts again as I had all those years ago in Hawaii. I take a deep breath even now and I can be back there again. So much beauty. I should have stayed forever. So much has happened since. Italy, then back to France. Sweet rushes of creativity between treatments that fought with my mind for precedence. Ah! The gift of creativity is what makes my heart sing.

‘That’s what makes you an artist’ somebody said.

Cheechy-Peach Gets creative


Love this Dress.

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