Paradise on Earth ?

In todays world of movies, super technology astounding graphics and endless possibilities for special effects it may be that many people were introduced to the works of some of our most well known authors past and present via the screen version. A thought I return to and that leads me to ask if imagination is after all a gift of the few or is it the possession of everyone to a greater or lesser degree? The exact degree, or in varying degrees may be the obvious answer.

Like a child assuming all adults have money until he grows up and realizes you have to earn it, he only ever watched people spend it and therefore simply believed it must either grow on trees or just be there in a bottomless purse all adults possessed. If our own imagination is better than the film directors we will be disappointed if we have already read the original work. He is interpreting the genius of the writer to the best of his own vision and ability not to mention budget. While we may enjoy the filmed version of a story we love if we have not done so, reading it can prove the point one way another .

If C.S.Lewis was imagining his paradise in heaven or on earth I cannot say but for me, not reading his description of the children’s ride on Aslan restored to life  to join their brothers would be to miss a far more powerful experience than film could ever produce.

And you are riding not on a road or in a park nor even on the Downs, but right across Narnia in Spring, down solemn avenues of Beech, and across sunny glades of Oak, through wild orchards of snow white Cherry trees, past roaring waterfalls and mossy rocks and echoing caverns, up windy slopes alight with Gorse bushes, and across the shoulders of heathery mountains and along giddy ridges and down, down , down again into wild valleys and out into acres of blue flowers.

I imagine this ride on one of the painted horses of the Appalachian Mountains, the Appaloosas, wild horses galloping and prancing in the sheer joy of perfect life and freedom, and myself among them riding bareback following Aslan’s ride in an earth made new.

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