The Book I want to Leave Behind

I think I have started the book I want to leave behind. It will take a while so hopefully this is a good portent. It could of course take itself off into another story of love, these finding Mr Rochester/Darcy stories could pour out of me endlessly if I don’t exercise self control and rein them in.  The delicious escapism of those completed to date is addictive and real life changes places with my own imaginings before my very eyes while my stoical self looks on aghast at their ability to seduce.

Since I have so far failed, though not given up on , finding representation, someone to like my voice enough to take me on, and the more than minor to me now, problem that I cannot open the hard drive on which everything so far was stored I am listing them here just for the record. The following are those I consider the best as well as the most recent only. The short story published on this blog as well as the previous story I tried to serialize and subsequently took off after zero feedback entitled Five Days in Provence I now consider as exercises along the way and never as something with which to approach agents or publishers.

My first completed full length novel Casino Café running in at 100,000 words is set in the South of France and Italy. Originally written in 2011, edited and re edited with some changing of chapter order following numerous refusal slips it was completed sometime the following year. The blurb on the back cover would read something like this;

Daisy living quietly in the South of France on a modest income looking after her aging mother  has a chance encounter with a charismatic and ruthless Italian the head of a powerful global corporation. Embittered by  the consequence of a childhood manipulated by his own mother, in her youth a beautiful but selfish Italian socialite, he sees in Daisy the perfect candidate for marriage in name only in order to inherit a palazzo that once belonged to his Uncle. Daisy is swept away under the Pygmalion influence of Gianni at a loss to understand his true character as increasingly and  hopelessly  in love  on a collision course with heartbreak her worse fears are realized.

After this I wrote two short novels 50,000 words in fairly easy succession both of which I am pleased enough with to send out to be finally born in print.

Angel Wings is set this time in Venice where the heroine Iris Lake rents a studio to discover herself as well as the city. Her neighbour, an American Italian Max Fratelli is a successful writer of a famous Italian detective series. Both protagonist’s have to come to terms with their respective past in order to meet the future.Iris, a painter finally realizes her dream to live in Murano finding a new sweetness in her life, as sweet as the delicate pastries Angel Wings thanks to the enigmatic Max Fratelli.

Blanche Neige is the provisional title for the second novel of the same length. The heroine Blanche White abused by her step father runs away to her grandmother in London who takes her to her apartment in Monaco for the summer. She meets and marries there at eighteen, a Russian business man who keeps her in luxury but leaves her for long periods alone. When two years later it is discovered that he is in fact a bigamist with a wife in St Petersburg Blanche decides she must live her own life and get a job. With no experience or qualifications she is pleased when she is employed as a carer and  part time cook for an elderly English writer living in Monte Carlo despite the obvious disapproval of his son. Blanche is happily finding her feet when her employer’s son returns to Monte Carlo to visit his father accompanied by his young son. Determined not to be intimidated by his obvious hostility she is completely unprepared for what happens next and that what does will lead her to change her life again in ways she never could have imagined possible.

These are not The Book I want to leave behind although I intend, if they are recovered to send them off once more to in the hope of publication.

No, because there are some places that are only discovered by the more discerning and adventurous traveller and they are like forgotten doorways into Narnia.




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