Wait for the West Wind

‘The Pacific Ocean  larger than any of earths features vaster than the sister oceans combined.’ The opening words of James Michener s HAWAII. Wait for the West Wind was the name of the outrigger twin hull canoe that set sail from Bora Bora across this vast as yet unchartered ocean. They knew the characteristics of the winds. The North wind could not be depended upon. The East blows constantly, the South brings minor storms that can last for weeks but cannot be counted upon to drive a canoe to the furthest points of the earth. Wait for the west wind because it alone blows sure and strong  because it blows from the very heart of the hurricane.

Although his story was fictional the facts remain, these people did this looking for stars with their fragile sea charts made from string and sea shells looking for consellations they were not even sure to find as they crossed into the northern hemisphere. The stuff of romance of legends and the ocean remains  crashing eternally on Island shores.

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