‘Dancing at the edge of the world’ or More Quotes of the Moment

Ursula K Le Guin is the author of the above work Dancing at the Edge of the World. A title I admit I wouldn’t mind having coined myself. A renowned American woman of letters, she says some interesting stuff. While I thought she was trying to dissect a little too philosophically the creative process, which for me has a far simpler explanation, I did find some of what she wrote insightful.   Below is an extract.
Writers have to get used to launching something beautiful and watching it crash and burn. They also have to learn when to let go control, when the work takes off on its own and flies, farther than they ever planned or imagined, to places they didn’t know they knew.’

This ‘taking off on its own’ is for me one reason  why I find writing is so absorbing.

mazie blacberry and mix 181        ‘True work is done for the sake of doing it. What is to be done with it afterwards is another matter, another job. A story rises from the springs of creation, from the pure will to be; it tells itself; it takes its own course, finds its own way, its own words; and the writer’s job is to be its medium.’

You will note, I am quoting  here.  Her interesting use of the semi colon leaves me puzzled but the first phrase sets apart both the  artist and the adventurer, climbers of mountains, discoverers of unknown horizons; they do it because it’s there.

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