Dont Go It Alone

vous rêvez seuleWe know writing is a solitary pass time. For me this presents no hardship, on the contrary I can happily pass an entire day without noticing the clock, looking up finally to see dusk is beginning to fall, and the light beyond my screen is fading.

I always love my characters and get as involved in the lives which seem to spring from them as though they were real people and not figments of my imagination. I re-read, edit, shape and rush on as events seem to unfold of their own accord. This for me is the magic of writing. Like reading a book I am enjoying, in the sense that I cannot put it down.

I read of other writers even very famous ones of the past as well as very successful ones of the present who do not feel this way, for whom the process is a huge chore, a discipline they have to deliberately impose upon themselves. There are pros and cons to the two camps of course.

Mine means that you begrudge the time to interact. There is just so much to do. To research the agents you hope will feel as passionately as you do about your book for one. Since they are going to have to feel that passion from the first three chapters and your synopsis even the covering letter has to be as carefully crafted as the story. You have to read up on their list of authors to understand the genre they have already chosen to represent, all this is fine, it is writing and reading two things I already love to do. Without this you cannot hope to find you way out into the grown up world of published authors. No, it’s the idea that I should join writers  discussion groups even ones on the internet, possibly good advice but I admit, so far completely left out of the equation as far as I am concerned. Apart from my blog, itself writing, therefore a pleasure, all the other chat/ social media for the most part sends me running for cover.

However I am willing to search out as well as take any advice from the professionals that may help me to improve my craft or to spot constructive criticism that may enrich my story line and help me to learn the ‘art and craft’ of writing.

I have started to read Carole Blake’s book ‘From Pitch to Publication’ from whom I take this last phrase. It has already motivated me to search out these writers groups, that is at least the ones on the net. Like the header said you don’t have to go it alone, and just maybe, one day you won’t have to dream alone either.

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