CAT egoricaly Non!

Monte Carlo & before sept oct 2013 223 Lily insists on stealing the baguette but unfortunately not the show with her latest disappointing submission.

This one was nice for a rejection letter. It even suggested the submissions team had actually considered my work seriously before deciding it just was not ‘exciting them enough’ to warrant acceptance.  I have previously considered a re -write starting the story at chapter four returning to the existing  first  three as a flashback  to show how my protagonist arrived at that dramatic point, because that point is dramatic. Since agents all ask for the first three chapters, this would leave them at the end of the existing chapter two. Would this, I ask myself  ‘excite’ the next lot enough to at least ask to read the rest of the book?

I have ordered a copy of Carol Blake’s book ‘ From Pitch to Publication’ seriously more determined than ever to crack this one. Reviewers say that it is a must read if you ever hope to break into the business of publishing and you had better be darn sure it is a business and do it double-quick! Writers say they would have saved lots of energy and frustration, such I imagine as I am feeling at this moment, if they had understood some of the plain facts exposed in this little gem. I will be reviewing it shortly.

Meanwhile on with that show I was talking about. Reluctant to fall for the hundredth time madly in love with my invented hero and have to get over it yet again, before I tackle that re-write of chapters one to three I am going to read Carol Blake’s book. That gives me the excuse to finish an old story that I am re- shaping in a totally other genre, something transforming that ends in enigma leaving the reader to ponder their own conclusions. Look for that one too here on these pages soon. I have given it a title, I can’t now remember when I originally wrote this one it’s called The Ocelot and the Crocodile.

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