The Seamstress. Short Preface.

This story is set in the nineties when it was originally written. I was in London temporarily during a period of frequent bomb scares sometime towards the end of the conflict in Northern Ireland. Late one night, returning to the flat where I was staying the bus  was turned back by the police and the route cordoned off due to one such scare.

It turned out to be a false alert. However before the all clear was given a considerable time later, various scenarios passed through my mind all of them scary. I had reviewed my options for getting home at such a late hour in what was a reputedly dodgy area back then should the bus driver take the decision to return to the depot.  They were worryingly few; it was the last bus, I was still more than a mile from my stop and the area seemed devoid of taxi’s.

When it was all over of course it seemed silly to have been scared by the incident. However it had broken the normal english reserve with the other passengers and every one of them had taken it as seriously as I had.

It stuck me at the time  that People say and do things when under this kind of pressure that reveals who and what they are and often what they are thinking behind the thin veneer of outward appearance.

The story runs in at around 2000 words and is coming soon on a new post by Lily.

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