Story Time

OK this is it! My first self published story on this very blog is due to start. I have decided on Five Days in Provence. As the title suggests is set here in France where I have lived now for a whacking 15 years. I say whacking because of my track record; I have moved around a lot. Understatement actually, but here in France I spent three of those years in Provence. However this story stems from an earlier visit during a brief period when I had returned to live in London after many years of absence in the late Nineties. Thus the story takes place then when a lot of insider trading scandals were cropping up and not everybody had mobile phones.

I have chosen this story because it is too short for a full length novel but too long for a short story. I can see how I could develop it into a longer novel by exploring the characters in more depth but I think it a good read as it stands even with the passage of time. I intend to publish it here in serial form, taking portions at a time not always according to end of chapters. There are copyright issues and self publishing is something that does not interest me in itself. This is just for fun to let some of what I have written and will write perhaps go off on its own, like a child goes off on their own for the first time with mother watching from the car as she buys the first baguette for the family’s repas à midi.

So watch this space for the opening pages coming soon!

mazie blacberry and mix 339

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